How to Market your Salon During Lockdown Time

This abnormal public health crisis due to COVID-19 is quickly bringing down the world economy. The lockdown is kind of indefinite, businesses need to figure out a way to ensure they do not go bankrupt in these difficult circumstances. 

The government of India has imposed a 21 days lockdown, for now, to fight COVID-19 and asked everyone to work remotely. All businesses have been affected. Businesses that deal with IT and software can work easily from home but some businesses do not have the option to do so e.g. hair salon workers can not work from home.  

We do not know for certain when things will get back to normal. To survive, salon marketing is important and salon owners need to adapt. Technology has made it easier for us to connect with people. Social media and mobile devices make it easier to communicate via messages, calls and posts. We need new ways to operate, offer value, engage and sell our services to our customers. 

For all the salon owners, digital marketing can help you tackle the problems you are facing right now. We have compiled a few tips and tricks that can help you market your salon during lockdown and save your business to get through this crucial time. 

Use My Digi Salon App: 

If you are running out of ideas and are finding it challenging to market your salon during lockdown period then you should download My Digi Salon App – a complete marketing suite for a salon. It is loaded with great features like a pre-defined inventory of social media posts in various categories. You just need to select a post that you like and press send to post it on your social media. That’s it! It’s that simple. 

Go for Live Videos:

Engaging your customers during this period is really important. One way to do it is Live videos on social media platforms like Instagram. There are two reasons why you should do it

  • Instagram algorithm rewards accounts that utilize all of the platform’s functions. That means you might get more followers.
  • When you go live, your stories are automatically pushed to them in front of the lineup that sits atop each of your followers’ feeds.

Engage your Audience with Hair, Skin and Nail Care Tips:

All of us are practicing social distancing by staying at home. Business is closed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take care of our customers. You can post DIY and at-home tutorials for hair, skin and nail care.

The best part is you can get all the creatives you want on My Digi Salon App. We have a huge selection of categories for you. From  Motivational quotes, coronavirus health and hygiene to Skin care and hair care, we have created all these for you. All you need to do is select the creative and send!

Sending Engaging Emails and SMS to Your Customers:

SMS and emails are a great way to connect with your customers during this time. For your hair salon marketing, divide your customers into segments e.g. gender and age groups. After that send them content and interesting links that they might like. Girls will love nail care tips, however, guys might prefer hair care or hair cut tips more. You can even send emails with these tips.

Think about it, search online or you can try My Digi Salon App inventory of FREE SMS templates. All you need to do is select the SMS and send it your customers. You don’t have to worry about time as long as you send it between 9 am to 9 pm. Everyone is on their phone these days.

Download My Digi Salon App

Promote your Gift Cards

Gifts cards can be promoted at this time for all your friends and family. All of your customers who have their birthdays or any special occasion that falls during this lockdown period will be happy to get a gift card. All delivery services are closed right now so online gift vouchers and cards are a great option to market your salon during lockdown. You do not have to think twice about salon vouchers because after this lockdown period will get over, people are going to rush to their nearest salons to get pampered for sure. 

Offer Real Value Now for More Sales Later:

Working remotely gives you the headspace to think. You can work on long term goals without work interruptions. Instead of just handling B2B you can work on B2B development. Strategise and work on ebooks, high-value content assets and campaigns for different platforms. 

Re-optimise Content You’ve Already Created

Female customer showing which hairstyle she wants on mobile phone

There is a chance that you might be worried about any and all posts getting buried under the COVID-19 coverage. You need to invest time and effort in improving your content and salon marketing strategy. It’s not just about the social media posts, you can re-optimize your blogs and website landing pages. Work on search SEO that can help drive traffic to your website rather than rank. It will help you improve your content marketing ROI( return on investment).

With nowhere to go and nothing else to do apart from working from home, the lockdown period is ideal to audit and start the re-optimisation project. All this will help you improve your keywords and generate demand when services will bounce back.

Audit your Strategy to Bounce Back Stronger

Demand rebound is going to happen once the lockdown lifts up, start working on the strategy to handle it efficiently. You need to ensure that you are ahead of your competitors. Audit and streamline the process to find and engage your target audience. 

If you still do not have a plan in place, start writing one now. Trying working on personas based on the type of audience you generally get in your salon. All these avatars will help you identify problems that you can solve to improve your sales.  

Tips to market your salon during lockdown - My Digi Salon


COVID-19 and the imposed lockdown is necessary but it has created a lot of challenges for businesses all around the world. Try the above-mentioned tips to market your salon during lockdown. However, this too shall pass. We need to stick together (not literally, maintain 6 feet distance all times, please). 

Stay home, stay healthy and work on your content marketing while you are at home. Keep going, all the work that you do now to adjust your strategy will definitely pay off.