How to Use Video Marketing for Salon?

There’s no denying that social media has the power to drive engagement to your business. Different things work on different platforms. But one thing that’s emerging as one of the most, if not the number one, engagement drivers is videos.

As we are going to talk about Hair salons in general, it is a fact that video marketing can help you to get new clients in a salon. Facebook videos, Instagram lives, etc, reels, etc. drive more engagement and purchases than any other media on different platforms.

One of the main reasons why videos work is people don’t have time/don’t want to spend more than 3 seconds on things they are not interested in. The first 3 seconds of a video catches the user’s attention and they engage with the content they like.

You can leverage this engagement to create awareness about your salon, increase ROI, and target potential customers.

But the question is how to build a salon business with the help of video marketing? What tips and tricks will work when advertising to the potential and existing customers?

Below are some strategies to kickstart your video marketing strategy. But before that let’s clear some basics that you need to dive in:

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5 Ideas To Kickstart Your Salon Video Marketing Strategy

You do not need to invest in big fancy types of equipment if you don’t want to. Just a smartphone will work, you can create free content in minutes and run mini video campaigns.

To help you unleash your creativity without any hindrances, we have listed 5 salon promotion ideas to use video marketing with your phone and promote your business. 

Tutorials And Tips

You are the expert and you might have some tips and tricks up your sleeve. You can share them with your community online via videos. Post them on your Instagram, Facebook profiles, and live videos. You can even invite experts to take part in your LIVE stories so as to increase engagement. Try to make it a weekly or bi-monthly scenario e.g. Tuesday tutorials or Wednesday wisdom. 

Product Demos

You might think that people are not interested in product demos. And you might be wrong here, they aren’t the same as tips and tutorials but they have the power to push introductions. You can cement your videos under the following categories: 

  1. Product benefits with at least 3 selling points
  2. List of product ingredients: How they work along with their unique benefits
  3. How to use it: do not forget if there is a special application method.
  4. Try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to price and alternatives

If you want to digitize your inventory management, take a look at My Digi salon inventory app.

Live Q&A Sessions

Instead of just putting your thoughts out, try and listen to your users. You might be quite active in DMS or comments sections. However, Live polls and Q&A sessions are a good way to interact with potential customers. You can host live Facebook/ Instagram or Snapchat stories.

For gradual engagement try to post them regularly. Consistency is the answer but the pace is totally up to you. You should add these in your highlights, too. I will help users to find them easily at any given time. 

Would you rather? This is a great engagement strategy. You can choose multiple options or plans to engage users. E.g. straight hair or wavy? Long hair or short? Smokey eyes or subtle nude etc. 

Customer-Generated Content

Put your customers in front of the camera or behind the post. Before and after treatment posts, competition participation, makeup tutorials, etc. Ask them to take over your stories for a day and engage with your users. You can run competitions and post the winner details and tag them( after taking permission) on your page.  

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Short Teasers

For any special events coming up in your salon, you can build video content to create a buzz. For any new line of products, participating in trade shows or conferences, etc. even if you are getting a new person on your team, make a few teasers, and post them. 

Apart from engagement, these give an insight into your salon business, brand vision, and how good you are at what you do. All these things in turn will improve your ROI.

Now that the “what to post” part is out of the way, let’s focus on the “how-to” part of salon marketing ideas.

Use the Right Equipment

You need good quality or higher resolution videos. In this tech era, nobody wants grainy videos( unless intentional). We suggest you invest in good quality video cameras and equipment. If you can not buy one then borrow one from a friend or online. There are also a lot of smartphones that can capture good quality videos. Just make sure that you have sufficient memory to store all the footage.

And the most important tip, even if you are using phones, invest in a good tripod to capture still, non-shaky, and different angle videos. It’ll save you a ton of time editing.

What to Shoot

Content is more important than how you shoot it or where you shoot it. There’s no perfect strategy for creating a salon video, just make sure that you add a lot of hairstyling and makeup videos.

That is your work and actions speak louder than words. Make sure that you take your customer’s permission before you start doing it though. Make sure you shoot it from different angles and then compile it all together.

You can check My Digi Salon, a complete salon marketing software to get a better idea and clips to make a killer video. Try adding a short intro or ending, be it voice or video, to introduce your salon. It will help add a personal touch. 

Optional: Introduce yourself and your salon with a few sentences. You can do this in front of the camera, or just record your voice to dub over the video.

How to Edit

Depending on the type of laptop you have, you can use the free editing software on both Microsoft and Apple to edit out certain parts, add music, and use frame transition effects if you want to. As these tools are free you can play around as much as you can to get the hang of it. No matter what tool you use, make sure that you keep the original copy of the footage to avoid losing important parts that you can add or remove later. You can even try salon promotion apps to get a better idea and simplify the posting process. 

Tip: Make sure you use good music as it can make or break your video. It should go well along with the theme of your video, brand image, and overall ambiance that would appeal to your target audience. 

Keep it Short

Want to keep your retention higher? Keep it short. Make sure your videos are not over a minute until it is an in-depth tutorial. Wor on quick tutorials on hairstyling, makeup, and behind the scene videos. Posting these videos on Instagram Reels, IGTV, LIVE, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Grow your followers as they can help increase engagement and attract potential customers.

Just remember, Trim it down and keep only the best parts of the footage.

Upload it!

Once all this is done and dated, just upload it. Use keywords while posting so that you can reach your target audience. Apart from your website, make sure to promote it on your website, too. You can use My Digi Salon app to keep a tab on your salon online marketing. Just remember, consistency is the key! Keep at it and you’ll reach your goal in no time.