10 Must-Have Features in a Salon Appointment App

The ultimate software salon must have a lot of features. From client scheduling to appointment confirmation and even team handling, your salon booking software should be feature-rich.

But there are a few things that salon owners might miss while getting a salon app developed or installed.

We have curated a list of the top 10 salon must-have features in a salon app, let’s check them out:

Easy Scheduling Ability

Efficiency is critical in busy salons and spas. During this pandemic, online appointment booking for hair salons is the need of the hour.

The ideal salon booking software can help in streamlining the day-to-day tasks and in turn, give your team a fair chance to focus on their work and handle operational stuff.

Apart from intuitive features, the scheduling software should be simple. A few clicks should be enough to help users book an appointment.

Accessing client information like history and contact details along with reminders should also be a part of a salon app.  The user interface of your app should be easy and simple so that customers do not need to work around for simple tasks.

Some must-have features are double booking, cancellation management, online payment gateways, enhanced workflow, and ease of access from any device. 

Take Scheduling Online

Online booking is one of the main aspects of scheduling. It grants the clients access to book their appointments sitting at home or on the go using their mobile phones.

This is convenient for clients, your team, and helps in streamlining your app. Handling monotonous work via the app will help in running the salon more efficiently.  This will also help you maintain a client database such as email ID, Phone number, type of service, etc.

Clients are more likely to update the information within the salon app. Rather than telling your receptionist to update the information, you can ask the clients for the preferred mode of communication e.g. email, text, or both.

You can also sell memberships, promote gift cards, and even recommend products that your clients can buy from your Store. Absolutely no physical interaction is required in this. It is really great during the time of the pandemic that we are going through.

Online booking also reduces the average time between an appointment and the bookings. If in case a client cancels an appointment you are more likely to have a window to get more clients for that slot.

Salon Point of Sale (POS)

Hassle-free check-in and check out are preferred. Without any bulky hardware, your salon booking software should help you seamlessly ring up any sales and process the client payment with just a click.

Managing customer database tracking sales commissions reference and reward points a salon software POS should do all of that along with helping you optimize the business time.

Integrated Processing

Integrated payment processing should be a part of the ideal POS for merchant accounts with a great rate, reputable track record, and transparent fee structure. 

Suggestive Selling

Analyzing your client history and services availed can help you make the right product suggestions. Relevant recommendations will result in more sales and increased ROI.

Train your staff to make recommendations based on the results rather than shooting the shot in the dark.

Automated Confirmations

Automated confirmation for online bookings can make life so much easier for sale or others done for clients as well.

Strive to opt for a salon booking software that already provides automation so that direct text or email confirmation along with reminders are sent to the customers after online booking for that Salon appointment. 

Deciding when and how you will send the Communications is your preference for reminders. A good option is to set a reminder just a few hours before the visit that can help populate clients and no-shows.

The best part is you can automate everything with good booking software. You would need to keep a tab and how many appointments you have for the day or if you have any slots left the software will help you keep a tab on everything, streamline the process and make your life so much easier. 

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Robust Reporting

Robust reporting is an essential way to check how your business is doing. Performance and financial reports are an important tool for efficient management and making informed business decisions for all staff.

You need to look for a Salon that offers more than just the way to run reports.  Salon software should include client reports, employee schedule appointments, summary inventory value report sales analysis, pre-booking report month-on-month growth along with areas that you need to focus on.

Apart from the mentioned salon booking app features below are four crucial points that you should not miss

  • Canceled Appointments Report
  • Future Recurring Membership Income
  • Enhanced Text Messaging Report
  • Total Sheet

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Mobile Access

Cloud-based cells and software will give you the benefit of 24/7 software data access. Everyone has a smartphone these days and the convenience to check your skin dual of book appointment wrong report check inventory from anywhere can make a lot of difference.

Your clients can book appointments using the device, for example, they can book it all on social media or your salon website even if you don’t have an app which we recommend that you should have.

The great thing about working with the cloud is that there are no compatibility issues with the locally installed software. You do not need to be played by its issues and forget about the frustration, the inconvenience, or the cost of installing or updating the software because everything is worked on a cloud-based beauty salon mobile app.

Marketing Capabilities

Keeping track of the products and services is important. However, marketing is also essential to keep your clients engaged via email or text message. Hence, marketing is a great way to keep the flow of communication seamless.

Some of these features are automated email marketing, SMS marketing to send automated greetings for birthdays and anniversaries are a nice gesture to make your clients feel special.

Apart from that Mass email marketing is a great way to communicate promotions, newsletters to keep your clients informed and engaged.

SMS marketing for salons is a superb way to communicate. SMS are delivered on phones and the open rate is much higher than an email. 

Inventory Management

If you sell retail products in your salon, then an integrated inventory management system is a vital feature that you should have.

This feature will not only help you keep track of your inventory by adjusting the quantities as per the requirement sale return or shipment but also help you stay stop so that your clients can have the products they want to purchase in the salon available at all times.

You can keep track of the inventory quantities so you can avoid overbuying as well as stop mass uploading. You can even manage updates along with running low alerts and integrated orders.

Inventory management software reminders can also help you keep track on the count of bottles of boxes that you have in your inventory so that you can order them beforehand.

Online Retail Store 

Touch-free online retail salon software is another option that you should not miss. Integrating e-commerce will allow you to sell and advertise products via the online store.

Customers prefer the convenience that online stores offer. It helps in revenue generation for salons even when the salon is closed for business. 

Data Conversion

Try to look for a salon software company that can help convert your data into meaningful reports or compatible with the new software.

It will make the transition much easier. Apart from that, you will be able to analyze client history, services, and other demographic attributes.

It will make segmentation and targeting much easier based on the preferences and target groups.

Awesome Customer Service

Customer service is of the utmost significance when it comes to salon software features. You should look for a company that understands the salon industry.

A Salon app with in-app chat features to directly get in touch with your clients is really important.

At my Digi salon, we keep your customer satisfaction on a pedestal because we understand how crucial it is for running a satisfactory business. 


Your salon software company should understand the Salon industry well. Your salon software and salon appointment app should fit like a glove as per your requirements. We at My Digi Salon are focused solely on making the salon industry as successful and efficient as possible.