How Customer Loyalty Programs Work for a Successful Salon Reopening

Customer retention is an essential part of running a successful salon business. Due to the lockdown, thanks to covid -19( sigh!), customer retention and loyalty are of the utmost importance at this point. 

Restrictions have started to ease at almost all the places around the world. Salons, nails, and beauty parlors, in general, have started to open up slowly. However, contactless solutions are welcomed with open arms across all businesses. There is no better time than now to go digital. 

If you are looking for help regarding your hair salon loyalty program then read ahead, we have compiled a comprehensive article to keep you up to date. 

Salon’s Customer Loyalty Programs Guide

Loyalty Program Ideas for Salons

1. A Salon Loyalty App 

Loyalty apps are without a doubt the most convenient, safe, and simplest way if you are looking to set up a digital presence. You can develop an app or sign up for an already established platform with features to book an appointment, buy products, confirm bookings, give discounts to loyal customers, one-timers, and more. You can even manage your staff with just a click on your phone. To know more about the features that will blow your mind, get in touch with my Digi salon today. We’ll help you figure out your needs and develop the best app for your salon.

2. Integrated Point of Sale (POS) Loyalty Program

Integrating your loyalty app with a point of sale system is a bit expensive as you will need to ask customers to install software and then make changes according to your requirements. Customers might have to add details like name and ID while making payments and only then they’ll be able to redeem the salon loyalty points in their account. You need a dedicated person for making sure that this goes on smoothly. You’ll be able to extract valuable data from every transaction like date, time, services, age group, etc. 

3. Online Coupons and Cards 

Before going all-digital, punch cards were the real deal for salon marketing ideas. Salons used to get it designed and print around 100 cards, depending on their customer size. And then leave them on the desks for customers to pick one. Customers used to get these punched for every appointment and then get one free after 9 or 10 visits. But now we have to face the pandemic but you can use smartphones to your advantage. You can get them to make profiles on your salon app and then store all their appointment data there to ease the process and make it contactless, as much as possible.

4. Offer a Personalized Experience + Digitized User Journey

Whenever someone signs up for your Salon loyalty program, make them feel special to make it worth a second visit. Customers will have many options to choose from and they’ll prefer the ones that make them feel valued. But making sure that every customer is tended to perfectly and on time is a bit tedious and difficult. This is where your structured loyalty program will come in handy. Work on user journeys based on your data. Right from the moment, a customer reaches your website to the moment he enters your salon. Make sure your communication is smart, streamlined and welcoming. For more info on structured user journeys and loyalty programs, get in touch with us at and we’ll be more than happy to help you out. 

5. Use Loyalty Program Data to your Advantage

Revamping your hair salon loyalty program can change your life. Just go digital without a thought and you will gain access to a whole bunch of unadulterated information that you can use to retarget your clients, acquire new ones and save the earth as well by cutting on plastic and paper waste. 

For example, whenever a customer books an appointment it gets stored in the database with valuable info like date time and services availed along with demographic attributes as well. You can tailor to their individual needs according to their preferences.  Send SMS and email reminders with discounts e.g. “Hi Sarah, haven’t seen you in a while. Come and show your nails some love. We’ve got a 20 % off just for you”

6. Make your Salon Loyalty Program Fun for your Customers

Engagement is really important when it comes to salon loyalty programs, you need to make it fun to engage customers. Try gamification via interactive in-app features like scratch and win, spin and win, etc. the best gamification tips and tricks can help you increase your ROI by a pretty good margin. All these things increase brand value and the standard of your rewards program. Learn more about gamification at our website

7. Educate your Staff to Promote New Loyalty Program

Your employees are the face of your company and they spend the maximum time with your clients face to face. While painting nails, styling hair, trimming them, or availing of other services, ask your team to start conversations for promoting your Spa loyalty program. The more effort you put in training the easier it’ll be for customers to join in. Teach them – how the program works, how to promote it, what the benefits are and so on. Internal rewards and incentives to get more people on board is also a good way to motivate your staff. 

Use your  Loyalty Program to Promote your CSR

People are becoming more conscious about the carbon footprint things are going to leave on the environment. They are opting for socially and environmentally ethical brands over good services, especially millennials. Health and beauty industries are always under scrutiny for environmental impact and animal rights issues. Ethical and sustainable loyalty programs will assure users that your brand is socially responsible. E,g, get a new product on returning empty packages. This will improve your brand value, 

Limitless Options for Salon Marketing Strategies

To get your head around on the tricks and tips for a successful loyalty program, you need to keep all the above-mentioned points in mind. We assure you that you’ll be able to increase your retention rate by at least 50% if you do it right. Trends and innovations are a part of the digital world so you have to keep up to date with things at all times. Adapt and implement things according to customer needs and requirements, these are 2 basic rules that will help you run a successful loyalty program for hair salons. For all the latest news on trends, follow us on our website and social media channels. For your salon appointment app development, just shoot us an email 🙂 we’ll be waiting.